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Finatem assisted in Axcel's due diligence process regarding a new investment opportunity. The firm brought Axcel into contact with some highly regarded, industry specific, advisors. 

Nazca shared extracts of their own due diligence in order to provide Finatem insight into a new investment opportunity. As a result of the information shared, Finatem decided not to pursue the deal.

HPP provided Nazca’s Fund IV deck to several prospective LPs in the US.

Finatem introduced German LP to Silver Oak and Stone-Goff.

Dunedin teed up certain of it’s LPs to both SOSP and Stone-Goff.

Two US firms introduced a European member and the management of its portfolio to a specialized lender in the US. The European firm's portfolio company had an operating subsidiary in the US.

Stone-Goff provided Nixen with an African retail contact. 

The Executive Director introduced four US energy engineers to a Nixen portfolio company looking to hire additional engineers.

HPP organized diligence call between a large customer of a target company and the Silver Oak deal team.

Finatem introduced Dunedin to boutique M&A advisors and head-hunters.

HPP shared relevant market information from a prior deal in order to provide Nazca insight on a target company.

Silver Oak sent a Spanish acquisition opportunity to Nazca.

HPP introduced Axcel to Texas-based jewelry company thinking about international expansion.

HPP introduced an Education Company operating in Spain to Nazca.

The ED introduced a NiXEN portfolio company to the Management Team of an international consulting Company to discuss business opportunities or a potential partnership.

Executive Director introduced a Denmark based Company with US operations to Axcel.