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HPP teed up Dunedin to a qualified Singapore contact who could help advise their portfolio company on opening new operations in the city. Wincove and Stone-Goff also provided contacts.

Nazca shared extracts of their own due diligence in order to provide Finatem insight into a new investment opportunity. As a result of the information shared, Finatem decided not to pursue the deal.

Executive Driector introduced a Denmark based Company with US operations to Axcel.

Finatem assisted in Axcel's due diligence process regarding a new investment opportunity. The firm brought Axcel into contact with some highly regarded, industry specific, advisors. 

HPP shared relevant market information from a prior deal in order to provide Nazca insight on a target company.

HPP introduced an Education Company operating in Spain to Nazca.

Stone-Goff provided Nixen with an African retail contact. 

HPP organized diligence call between a large customer of a target company and the Silver Oak deal team.

Silver Oak sent a Spanish acquisition opportunity to Nazca.

Dunedin teed up certain of it’s LPs to both SOSP and Stone-Goff.

Two US firms introduced a European member and the management of its portfolio to a specialized lender in the US. The European firm's portfolio company had an operating subsidiary in the US.

The ED introduced a NiXEN portfolio company to the Management Team of an international consulting Company to discuss business opportunities or a potential partnership.

HPP provided Nazca’s Fund IV deck to several prospective LPs in the US.

Following a Millennial presentation led by Anthony Choe during an Alliance Topical Call, NiXEN contacted Brentwood to schedule a meeting between Brentwood and the CEO of Buffalo Grill, one of NiXEN’s portfolio companies. Buffalo Grill is a leading French steakhouse chain and the purpose of such meeting was to share views on digital initiatives and communication/marketing tools that have been put in place in restaurant chains, particularly towards the millennial customers.

Finatem introduced Dunedin to boutique M&A advisors and head-hunters.

HPP introduced Axcel to Texas-based jewelry company thinking about international expansion.

The Executive Director introduced four US energy engineers to a Nixen portfolio company looking to hire additional engineers.

Finatem introduced German LP to Silver Oak and Stone-Goff.